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How Can You Get a Loan to Pay Your Business Taxes by April 15?

Do you need a loan to pay your business taxes this year? Financing Solutions (www.fundmypayroll.com), a leading provider of quick business funding for small businesses, can provide the emergency business funding you need that will help you pay your business taxes.


Maybe you have had a rough year. Perhaps you were so busy running your business that you simply forgot. It is also possible that you miscalculated how much was due and you don’t have enough cash to cover it. Whatever the reason, you now find yourself in need of cash to pay your business taxes.


Are There Options for Funding to Pay Your Business Taxes This Year?

April showers might bring May flowers but April 15 brings the IRS. If you need funding to pay your business taxes, most likely you have to get the money right now. Under normal circumstances, you might be able to wait for a bank loan to be approved, but when it comes to the IRS, that may not be an option.


The fastest way to get assistance in paying your business taxes is through a cash advance company, like Financing Solutions. Even if you call them today, you still have enough time, as most applications are approved within 24 hours, putting the needed funds in your account in less than two days.


When borrowing money for any reason, it is crucial that you have a plan to repay the funds. By using a cash advance company, you still have to pay the money back but they give you easy, short-term solutions for this so it will not be a cause for added stress.


Typically, when a small business is experiencing a cash shortage, it is due to an accounts receivable gap, where you are waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for your money to come in.  With the cash advance option, you can repay the funds when your clients pay. In fact, most companies that get help from a cash advance company are able to pay the money back in a few short weeks or months.


Is it Possible to Get a Loan to Pay Your Business Taxes?

All businesses, big and small, must pay some sort of taxes. One fact that is not always definite is whether you can get a bank loan or other type of assistance.


You can choose to take out a bank loan to pay business taxes. However, that might be too late to help you this year.


If you apply for a traditional bank loan, it could take up to six months before you are officially approved and receive your money, which might be useless if you need money to pay taxes this year. A home equity loan to pay business taxes is also an option, but it is important to remember that if you experience difficulty in keeping up with the payments, you may lose your house and your spouse might be reluctant to cosign.  


What You Don’t Know About Business Taxes Could Cost You

Perhaps one of the most important things you should do is to connect with a qualified accountant to prepare your tax documents. The tax laws can be confusing and studies have shown that many businesses miss some of the deductions for which they are eligible. Yes, you have to pay business taxes but you don’t have to overpay.


It is always best to maintain thorough records and receipts. This is the best way to ensure that you don’t end up paying more business taxes than you have to.


You should keep documentations concerning any business meeting where you spent money, car and work-related travel expenses and home office information. In addition, many business owners are unaware that money you spent to start your business and employee reimbursements may also be tax deductible.


When you have crunched all the numbers, captured all deductions and you still don’t have enough cash on hand to pay your business taxes, contact a cash advance company right away. Then, remember to keep their number for next year, just in case.


Financing Solutions (www.fundmypayroll.com)  provides emergency cash advances to business in 48 hours or less so they can make payroll or have working capital. The program is specifically designed to be fast, easy, inexpensive, and short term.  There is no mystery about why we provide funding to good companies when cash is needed. We provide working capital to companies that are proven to be profitable but have temporary cash needs.





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