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Looking for Nonprofit Times Magazine? Try a Line of Credit Instead

Nonprofit Times magazine is the top business magazine for nonprofits (http://www.thenonprofittimes.com/). Financing Solutions  is a leader in providing a line of credit for nonprofits. So if you are a nonprofit leader these are two companies that you should be aware of and subscribe to. Nonprofit Times is a magazine that helps you stay on top of important nonprofit industry news. Financing Solutions makes sure you have a backup plan in the form of a line of credit that you can access immediately to address variations in cash flow from month to month. With blogs from the Nonprofit Times magazine, you never have to encounter that problem.

Most nonprofit leaders know that the key to success is constant improvement and resources so that you are able to achieve your mission.

What You Need to Know about Nonprofit Times Magazine

The Nonprofit Times magazine has been the leading publication of the nonprofit industry for more than 20 years. When you subscribe to this magazine you get news about the latest trends and intuitive writing for nonprofits. This helps you take advantage of opportunities and improve your organization.

They also publish five separate e-newsletters such as Exempt, a financial newsletter that helps nonprofit executives by delving deeper into nonprofit finances. Each issue reaches more than 12,000 chief financial officers, board members and executive directors of both large and small nonprofits. There is also Instant Fundraising, which is written for development directors and focuses on how to raise more money.

The Benefits of Nonprofit Times Magazine

Management tips – do you know how to use bonds effectively? Would you like to know what questions you should be asking supporters? With help from Nonprofit Times magazine, you can get advice. Learn everything from best practices for grant proposals to what to do after you win a major grant (it’s not always as simple as you think it will be).

Listing of available grants in many fields – finding the right grants to apply for can be a lesson in frustration. The Nonprofit Times magazine puts many of them all in one place. Even better, they organize the listings by category, making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. If you are seeking grants in the fields of health, education and training, youth services, etc., you should start here first.

A place to advertise – Nonprofit Times magazine reaches approximately 90,000 nonprofit professionals. Since they publish 17 times a year, advertising with them expands your visibility. Also, they publish a digital version, which features breaking news, job postings and more. As a result, the online edition receives more than 120,000 monthly visitors and generates almost half a million monthly page views. Most importantly, readers average more than four minutes per page.

There are also content specific sponsorship opportunities so you can link your ad to relevant sections or articles. This increases the chances that your ad will be seen by the people who matter. Some of the available topics include cause marketing, nonprofit technology and volunteer management.

The Resource Marketplace — this tool is one of the reasons they have the nickname as the Yellow Pages of the nonprofit arena. It’s where you can market your organization, product and services to thousands of executives and more than 300,000 potential customers. Visitors will see your company name, address, logo and more in this exceptional directory.

What You Will Find in the Nonprofit Times Magazine

Helpful articles and webinars – whether you are looking for clarity on the new government rules affecting nonprofits or information on lawsuits involving 501c3 businesses, the Nonprofit Times magazine is your go to source. You can also find webinars where you can learn things like the secrets of high performing nonprofits and how to avoid cybersecurity threats. Other topics include how to increase your conversion rate, choosing the right accounting software and managing growth. In addition, they archive the articles so you can get helpful advice from previous issues anytime.

Special reports – periodically, the Nonprofit Times Magazine publishes special reports with the information you need to know. For example, they publish a Nonprofit Organizations Salary and Benefits report and a Best Fundraising Ideas document. These, along with other reports, will help you make important decisions about the future direction of your nonprofit.

Jobs, jobs, jobs – are you looking for the right people to fill key positions in your organization? Perhaps you are on the job hunt yourself (don’t worry, we won’t tell). Either way, the Nonprofit Times magazine offers one of the best solutions to find or post jobs. They also provide help with resume writing and reference checking. Even if you are not actively seeking employees or employment, you can use the site for career coaching and networking.

Blogs with the information you actually need – have you ever clicked on an article with a title that seems to apply to nonprofits only to discover it doesn’t? Halfway through you are already asking yourself why you thought it was interesting in the first place. With blogs from the Nonprofit Times magazine, you never have to encounter that problem. From an analysis of giving trends to an explanation of how changes to the Affordable Care Act might affect your organization, their blog articles never lose track of who they are writing for.

What to Do When You Are Looking for Not for Profit Financing

Nonprofit organizations help communities by providing services, educating the population and advocating for better policies. In order to continue doing what you do, you may need to make changes. For example, you must adopt financial policies that help you remain stable and promote sustainability. This takes the kind of not for profit funding you can only get from Financing Solutions.

You already know that running a nonprofit is not easy. Consistently raising more and more funds with fewer resources is extremely challenging, to say the least. Add to that the fact that you must deal with difficult board members and slow to arrive government checks. In addition, you must meet payroll every time. That’s not including events and situations that pop up without warning. This can blow a hole in even the most austere budget plan.

Things like equipment breakdowns, a delay in funding or a change in leadership can wreak havoc on an organization. This is especially true if you are barely staying above water to begin with. Frequently, emergency nonprofit financing that is already in hand is the only thing that can save you.

Where to Go for Help with Not for Profit Funding

It may sometimes seem like the entire universe is working against you. They put up road blocks and prevent you from fulfilling your mission. With the right nonprofit capital funding, you can fight any foe.

To help, Financing Solutions offers a line of credit is specifically for nonprofits. It requires no personal collateral, is easy to get in place and costs nothing until it is needed. When you do need it, the line is inexpensive. What else could you want in financing for nonprofits?

In order to qualify, you must have at least $300,000 in revenue. Many nonprofits turn to us again and again when facing a cash flow shortage. While the line can stay open for 12 months, typically they pay the money back quickly. As soon as checks or donations come in you can pay it off. This makes the money available to withdraw again when you need it.

Looking for Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit?

Engage younger donors

It’s not smart to keep tapping into the same well. It may eventually dry up, leaving you with nowhere to go. When you work to attract younger donors to your cause, you can avoid such a scenario. Therefore, you must continually strive to find new, diverse water sources. This typically means converting new customers to your cause.

Build relationships with staff members

You never know where the next big idea will come from. Any you will never find it if you are not open to advice from many sources, including employees. Since they are on the front lines, they often see problems and solutions that you can’t. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will help you seek out the right employees at the right times for answers.

Reduce red tape and paperwork

Putting redundant and unnecessary checks and balances in place just slows everything down. And you need to be flexible and move fast to attract donations, government grants and publicity. Don’t put voluntary chains on your organization. Invest in the essential software and technology so that everyone can do their best in less time.

Oh, and micromanaging is a big no-no. Trust your people to do their jobs. Provide plenty of opportunities for feedback and advancement to keep them happy and they will surely return that trust through loyalty and higher productivity. This frees you up to focus on the important things, like growth.

Find out where to go for fast nonprofit funding

Cash in the bank today trumps long term funding plans every day of the week. You need nonprofit funding organization resources you can count on and access any time. Trust Financing Solutions to be your source for funds for your nonprofit organization.

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