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Why Ondeck’s Line of Credit Program Isn’t a Good Deal

It’s likely that your customers choose your company because they are expecting a good deal. When you are searching for funding for your company, the same is true. That’s why you should know that Ondeck’s line of credit program is not a good deal.That’s why you should know that Ondeck’s line of credit program is not a good deal.

There is a good deal of advice around about where you should go for small business financing. Traditional banks and alternative lenders are all vying for your business. However, Ondeck’s line of credit program would not be a good deal for your company. Thankfully, you do have other options.

What Makes Ondeck’s Line of Credit Program a Poor Choice?

A quick line of credit can be most beneficial for a small business. It allows you to handle daily expenses and deal with emergencies. With so much importance, it’s crucial to get the best deal.

Ondeck is the 1,000 pound gorilla in the alternative financing industry. If you have exceptional credit they will give you a line of credit. However, if you don’t have outstanding credit all they will offer you is an expensive cash advance along with a small line of credit.

This will only serve to burden you with extra payments just to get the quick business financing you need. The more expenses you have to pay creates a drain on your cash flow.

What Alternative Do You Have to Ondeck’s Line of Credit Program

Financing Solutions (www.financingsolutionsnow.com) doesn’t do that. We offer lines of credit, cash advances and debt restructuring financing.

With Financing Solutions, you can expect an easy application process and simple terms. Our line of credit product is very competitive and you can get it in place quickly.

Best of all, there is no pressure to renew. You can get up to $150,000 in instant business financing with no long term commitment. In addition, the money can be in your account the same day you apply.

How to Get a Good Deal for your Business

Whether you are organizing partnerships, negotiating contracts or applying for a fast small business loan, your goal is to get the best deal possible. You want a great return on investment and minimal downsides. These tips can help you get the most for your business.

Don’t look at deal making in terms of winners and losers. You will have a much easier time and see better results if you try to determine what’s best for both parties. It may help to be flexible on prices but adamant about terms, such as guarantees and timelines. When all sides believe they are getting something they want, everyone will be more accommodating.

Clarify motivations. You know why you are seeking a deal, but you may not fully understand the reasons for the other party. Knowing someone’s true intentions is essential. Maintaining a focus on what the other side finds important will help you develop mutual ground and establish a fair deal.

Contact Financing Solutions for a good deal on fast business funding. When you are looking for what’s best for your company, look no further.

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