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How your Nonprofit should be preparing for a recession. Nonprofit MBA Podcast 2.2

On today’s Nonprofit Podcast we will be speaking with Dr Ron Dale Tomkins about how your Nonprofit should be preparing for a recession. Dr. Ron Dale Tomkins is a Certified Management Accountant associated with the Institute of Management Accountants. He holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education Policy (Buffalo), MBA in Finance and Accounting (SUNY Institute), attended Harvard University Strategy and […]

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How Are Nonprofits Using Their Line of Credit

How Do Nonprofits Use Their Line of Credit Mostly used for payroll #1 reason: funding is delayed and you have to make payroll Your employees count on each paycheck Illegal to miss payroll You risk fines You risk an audit Your risk employees leaving Line used for unexpected expenses Line is inexpensive Not fun asking […]

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What is a Nonprofit Line of Credit Being Used For Video

Summary: Financing Solutions shares the top 4 reasons how a nonprofit line of credit is used.  Nonprofits use their Line of Credit typically to make payroll when there is a delay in reimbursement funding, when there is an emergency that has to be addressed, to start a new program early when the nonprofit knows that […]

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Financing for a Nonprofit Organization

Financing for a nonprofit organization is not about making money. You must develop a strategic approach for how you will build capacity, fund all your activities and expenses and achieve your mission and yes, even a nonprofit needs some form of financing sometimes.  How can you do all this, while still applying for grants, managing […]

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Why a Nonprofit Organization Doesn’t Want a Nonprofit Loan from a Bank

Get a Line of Credit Instead Often, it doesn’t matter how you got here, it only matters where you are going and a nonprofit loan may help you get there. But is that what your nonprofit organization really needs? You may be happy to learn that you do have other options. The Importance of a […]

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Technology Grants for Nonprofits Are Hard to Come By but What about a Line of Credit

Some people see technology as a necessary evil that is destroying our culture. Others may view it as a way to bring people together to solve our most pressing questions. No matter which way you see it, technology grants for nonprofits are sure to help. The problem is that technology grants for nonprofits are not […]

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Financing Solutions is the Center for Nonprofit Business Financing

Why Banks are No Longer at the Center for Nonprofit Business Financing

When you are in charge of a nonprofit, your life centers on your mission, your programs and obtaining funding. Therefore, you may find it helpful to know that Financing Solutions is the center for nonprofit business financing. They say that whatever is at the center of your life is the source of your security, wisdom […]

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Where Can a Nonprofit Get Funding

The Best Place to Go for Nonprofit Funding

Everyday, you strive to get closer to the goals and mission of your nonprofit. To do so, you may need to know how your nonprofit can get funding. The main task for the leader of a nonprofit is to get your organization what it needs in order to do the most good. This often takes […]

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Who is Lending to Nonprofit Organizations

Why Banks Are Not Lending to Nonprofit Organizations

When running a nonprofit business, you lend a helping hand to those in need. However, when you need help, who is lending to nonprofit organizations? Since nonprofits do so much good, lenders should jump at the chance to help them continue their mission. In fact, the opposite is true. When it comes to finding out who […]

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Who Lends to Nonprofit Companies and Organizations

Where Can Nonprofit Companies or Organizations Go for Funding

In business, it’s not about who did something first, but who does it right. For example, banks may have been the first to lend to nonprofit companies or organizations, but they are no longer the ideal choice. Nonprofit companies or organizations have never had it easy. You must do more with less, deal with government […]

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