A Line of Credit... Just in Case

Working Capital Loan

What to Do When Your Lead Generation hasn’t been Working (Lead Generation Part 3)

What is it Like to Get a Business Line of Credit in Alabama from a Bank?

April 30, 2019| business owners, lead generation In Part 1 on lead generation, we focused on emphasizing how lead generation (leadgen) is the key to your business whereas in part 2, I wrote about how critical it is to measure all your leadgen sources. Part 3 of this series on leadgen is about what to […]

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Why Lead Generation Will Make or Break Your Business (part 1)

Do Good Business Loan Solutions Really Exist

If you have a good lead generation process, one that brings in prospects to become clients economically, that it will allow your business to become less reliant on your people, your current sales people will be more successful, you will not have to pay your sales people as much as other companies and more importantly, YOU will control your success.

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Why Small Business Owners Often Have to Lend Money to Their Own Business

What to Do If You Can’t Lend Money to Your Own Business

In Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote, “Neither a borrower or a lender be.” This can be doubly distressing for small business owners who have to lend money to their own business. The very nature of small business makes it necessary to take out working capital loans from time to time. Unfortunately, the nature of banks is to […]

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Can You Get an Operating Capital Business Loan

Are There Alternatives to an Operating Capital Business Loan?

In order for your business to succeed, all your systems, people and resources must be operating as one. You may believe you need an operating capital business loan to pull it all together, but this is not always true. To build and grow your company, it’s important that you are making the best decisions and […]

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A Working Capital Loan and a Term Loan

When choosing between a working capital loan and a term loan, you must consider many factors.

In business, everything makes a difference. Hiring decisions, selected locations and your choice of fast funding options may one day make or break your business. Do your homework to make the right choices, such as learning the difference between a working capital loan and a term loan. Making the wrong choice could affect your future. […]

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