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16 Critical Lessons About a Working Capital Line of Credit

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Almost every small business owner wants a working capital line of credit and if you don’t now, you likely will. You haven’t been challenged as a business owner if you haven’t had a cash flow problem which has lead to potentially missing payroll or another business emergency. In this article, we are going to cover […]

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Working Capital Demand Loans: Flexibility When You Need It

Instant business line of credit

Between a line of credit and a loan, there exists a particular kind of credit vehicle known as a working capital demand loan. Combining aspects of both credit lines and loans, this method of financing utilizes the strengths of each to deliver a flexible and low-cost way for businesses to fund working capital requirements during temporary periods of low revenue or unexpected shortfalls in their working capital accounts.

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Business Credit: The Difference Between Efficiency and Headaches

Business Credit

Business credit can be the difference between a smoothly-run operation and a waking nightmare. Contrary to the naysayers, credit is, in fact, a powerful tool necessary for the proper operations of most small and medium-sized businesses. It allows for the prompt payment of bills and expenses, helps deal with emergent and unexpected situations, and generally makes one’s financial life significantly easier.

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