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Where to Get an Unsecured Small Business Line of Credit

All it takes is a small seed to grow a great tree. In business, sometimes all you need is a little help to do to big things. For example, you may only need to get a unsecured small business line of credit  to take your business to new heights.Who Offers an Unsecured Small Business Line of Credit

Times are tough for a small business owner today. In addition to dealing with numerous rules and regulations, labor laws and taxes, you must also find fast business funding, such as an unsecured small business line of credit (LOC). Fortunately, you do have options.

The Benefits of an Unsecured Small Business Line of Credit

Every business needs access to cash. It’s how you handle daily expenses like making payroll and take advantage of opportunities for growth. Most small businesses don’t have the collateral necessary for a short term business loan, so an unsecured business line of credit can be an ideal option.

A business LOC can help you manage cash flow, especially if your business is prone to seasonal fluctuations in sales or frequent accounts receivable gaps. It can also be a source of emergency business cash to help with unexpected events such as equipment breakdowns or natural disasters.

In addition, an LOC has a lower interest rate than credit cards. It also gives you a continuous supply of money to borrow against.

Who Offers an Unsecured Small Business Line of Credit

In the past, banks were the only place to get small business line of credit but at a bank, a LOC always needed to be secured by assets. For the first time, Financing Solutions (www.financingsolutionsnow.com) now offers an unsecured small business line of credit for companies. The best part of this is that after you apply and answer a few simple questions, you will typically have a decision within minutes so you know where you stand.

You may be eligible for funding from $5,000 to $150,000 and the money can be available for an entire year. A line of credit from Financing Solutions is very competitive, with low interest rates that make it inexpensive. This is a perfect solution for companies looking for short term business financing.

Keeping Your Business Secure

These days, workplace security is no longer just something that the big companies worry about; it’s a necessity for every business. Thieves are everywhere, and while taking measures to thwart them can be expensive, not taking these extra steps can cost you even more.

For one thing, it’s vital to have a network security plan. Hackers can steal data, funds and personal information of the customers who trust you. Small businesses tend to be the most vulnerable because they have not invested properly in security. You must encrypt your data, protect your Wi-Fi and secure your hardware. Don’t be an easy target.

To protect yourself from employee theft, you should put systems and procedures in place to make it harder and less tempting. For instance, you can replace your keys with access cards, have separate people manage accounts payable and accounts receivable and require two signatures on large purchases.

Financial security should be your biggest concern and calling Financing Solutions can give you peace of mind. They will provide you with the instant business funding you need to succeed and thrive.

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