“Where Can I Get a Fast Business Loan”, Most Often Asked Question

fast business loan“Where can I get a fast business loan” is often one of the most asked questions according to Google for those business seeking financing and when one combs through the listing of lenders, none of lenders address helping a business owner get a fast business loan so they can make payroll.

What is Financing Solutions

Financing Solutions is quick spot funding for companies that feel they need a fast business loan often for payroll. Many times, small businesses run their business on existing cash flow. That means that often there is usually enough profit in the business to be able to run a good business without having to have a bank business line of credit or long term factoring in place. However, often times, most small businesses have over 25% of their account receivable from one client and if that one client is delayed in sending out a check, it really screws up a businesses cash flow. Every business owner knows that missing payroll is one of the worst things a business owner can do to the moral of the company plus a business owner can get into a lot of legal problems if the IRS/state find out that you missed or delayed payroll.

How Fast is Financing Solutions

Financing Solutions started with a 20 minute interview with a Managing Partner. In that phone interview, the FS Managing Partner will just want to find out about the businesses history. How long have you been in business, what was your sales, net profit and a host of other questions that should be easy for any business owner to answer. At the end of those question the Managing Partner will give you a preliminary approval or not approved. You will then receive an e-mail with the specifics of the repayment schedule. If you decide to move ahead you will then be asked for backup documentation )bank statements, income state, etc.) to support what you said on the interview. If everything matches up then the money will be wired. The turnaround can be as quick as the same day.

How is Financing Solutions Different from a Bank Loan or Traditional Factoring

Financing Solutions is fast and that is one of the biggest differences verses other types of financing. It is also often a short term funding strategy to help the business get back on track or to seek out other financing. The key ingredient in Financing Solutions is that the owners of Financing Solutions built several small businesses themselves over the last 25 years and the owners don’t shy away like other financial institutions from knowing that the money borrowed will be used to make payroll. Other financial institutions often shy away from businesses that say they need to borrow money to make payroll.so they don’t miss payroll. 

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