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Business Line of Credit

Personal Line of Credit vs. Business Line of Credit

Lines of credit can often be confusing. Should you apply for a personal or business line of credit? Here’s what to know about each option. Key Differences Between Personal and […]

small business line of credit

What Can a Small Business Line of Credit Be Used For?

Need financing for your small business? A small business line of credit might be the solution you’re looking for—without amassing a significant term loan debt. A small business line of credit […]

Business Loan

Should You Get a Business Loan or Business Line of Credit?

If the past two years taught us anything about saving money, it’s that business survival requires having a substantial cushion in case the unimaginable happens—like a global pandemic. So when […]

Invoice financing for small businesses

Invoice Financing for Small Businesses

There’s no doubt waiting on unpaid invoices puts your business in a cash flow crisis which can cause long-term harm to your company. Invoice financing for small businesses (also called […]


Can I Still Get a PPP Loan For My Business, Nonprofit or Church?

The short answer is, “No, you can’t,” according to the Small Business Administration (SBA). But, while the PPP loan may no longer be available for businesses, nonprofits, or churches, there […]