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Applying for a Nonprofit line of credit

The Ins and Outs of Applying For a Nonprofit Loan

The Ins and Outs of Applying For a Nonprofit Loan Nonprofit organizations have continued to play a crucial role in our society by addressing various social and community needs. However, […]

Nonprofit Audit

The Key Elements in a Nonprofit Audit

The Key Elements in a Nonprofit Audit Nonprofit organizations are pivotal in addressing societal needs, promoting social causes, and driving positive change. Therefore, the key elements in a nonprofit audit […]


What Nonprofits Need to Know to Breeze through Annual Audits with Jason Kruger. Nonprofit MBA 8.6

Annual audits offer numerous benefits for nonprofits, including improved financial accountability, enhanced internal controls, compliance with legal requirements, increased donor confidence, informed decision-making, and positive public perception. By conducting regular […]


How To Read a Nonprofit’s Financial Statements and Reports With Joseph Scarano. Nonprofit MBA 6.8

To make informed financial decisions, nonprofit leaders should learn to read and understand their financial statements and reports. The nonprofit’s financial statements help you understand the organization’s current financial standing […]

PPC Marketing for Small Businesses

The 10 Important Keys to Nonprofit Budgeting Process

Every successful nonprofit organization has a budgeting process.  As a nonprofit planning to scale, grow and become sustainable, you must put considerable effort into your budgeting activities. Budgeting is the […]