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How Much Money Should a Nonprofit Have In the Bank?

How much money can a nonprofit have in a bank

A nonprofit organization comes with a few unique implications. A nonprofit organization’s purpose is to provide support for a cause and because of that, it receives a tax exemption for its revenue because of the good it does for our nation. A common misconception is that a nonprofit can not hold any funds at the […]


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11 Attributes of Nonprofit Executive Leadership Excellence

Nonprofit Executive Leadership

Executive leadership at Nonprofit organizations can be very rewarding because it provides hope for and awareness of your passion. However, a Nonprofit to be successful, a nonprofit executive needs to manage, motivate, and inspire their team. The Executive Director carries a lot of responsibility and therefore must not only be able to lead but also […]


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Great Solutions for a Nonprofit Budget Deficit

Nothing scares an executive more than seeing a nonprofit budget deficit. You could be doing everything right. However, there could be hiccups in cash flow, an unexpected expense, or a change in the economy. Nonprofit budgeting is challenging because the margin of error is so tight! Take a deep breath, understand the problem and begin […]

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How Your Nonprofit Financial Statements Can Get Help from a Line of Credit

In the nonprofit world, there are many things that are out of your control. You can’t help it if lousy weather affects attendance at an event or an economic downturn decreases donations. Still, there are other things you do have power over, such as getting help for your nonprofit financial statements with a line of […]

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Where to Find Emergency Funding for Your Nonprofit Organization

Who Offers Emergency Funding for Your Nonprofit Organization

When you are faced with an emergency, all you want are clear, simple answers. For example, you may need to know where to find emergency funding for your nonprofit organization. In an emergency, there tends to be chaos all around and everyone trying to pull you in multiple directions. It’s vital to stay calm, focused […]

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Nonprofit Trends: Getting a Line of Credit in Place

For example, current nonprofit trends include getting a line of credit in place.

There are trends in the economy, popular culture, demographics and technology. Even the world of business is not immune from these general changes or directional developments. For example, current nonprofit trends include getting a line of credit in place. You must remain acutely aware of the changes that can affect the environment of your organization. […]

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