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PPC Marketing for Small Businesses

The 10 Important Keys to Nonprofit Budgeting Process

Every successful nonprofit organization has a budgeting process.  As a nonprofit planning to scale, grow and become sustainable, you must put considerable effort into your budgeting activities. Budgeting is the […]

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Where to Get a Line of Credit for Your Nonprofit

Lines of credit for nonprofits can be used for a multitude of scenarios, but most often a line of credit is used to address emergencies or opportunities that can be […]

Small business tax deductions

Taking the First Step for a Capital Campaign in 2021

The term “capital campaign” was originally associated with brick-and-mortar efforts, such as fundraising for buildings and facilities. However, capital campaigns are actually organized fundraising efforts designed to help nonprofits achieve […]


Mystery Solved: Finding the Best Nonprofit Accounting Software

Mystery Solved: Finding the Best Nonprofit Accounting Software Searching for accounting software for your nonprofit organization can be a tricky process if you’re not sure what to look for. Oftentimes, […]

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Successful Nonprofit Project Management Tools & Strategies

Most nonprofit organizations are tackling multiple major projects at one time while simultaneously keeping the day to day running. Fundraising, programs, communications, marketing, and so on each have their own […]