A Line of Credit... Just in Case

nonprofit line of credit

How Are Nonprofits Using Their Line of Credit

How Do Nonprofits Use Their Line of Credit Mostly used for payroll #1 reason: funding is delayed and you have to make payroll Your employees count on each paycheck Illegal to miss payroll You risk fines You risk an audit Your risk employees leaving Line used for unexpected expenses Line is inexpensive Not fun asking […]

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Where to Get Business Loans for Nonprofit Organizations

Article summary: Many people think there is no need for business loans for nonprofit organizations. On the contrary, nonprofits have revenue, payroll and expenses just like for profit businesses. However, commercial banks are no longer your only source for this type of funding. It’s important to know where to go, what terms you can expect, […]

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What is a Nonprofit Line of Credit Being Used For Video

Summary: Financing Solutions shares the top 4 reasons how a nonprofit line of credit is used.  Nonprofits use their Line of Credit typically to make payroll when there is a delay in reimbursement funding, when there is an emergency that has to be addressed, to start a new program early when the nonprofit knows that […]

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If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It ( lead generation part 2)

Quick Tips to Increase Your Gross Revenue

Building a great lead generation system starts with measuring or counting but if done right, a business owner can figure out the key to his business. If you can’t tell how your client came to you then you can’t figure out if that advertising method is working nor can you work on improving it.

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Why Lead Generation Will Make or Break Your Business (part 1)

Do Good Business Loan Solutions Really Exist

If you have a good lead generation process, one that brings in prospects to become clients economically, that it will allow your business to become less reliant on your people, your current sales people will be more successful, you will not have to pay your sales people as much as other companies and more importantly, YOU will control your success.

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Where to Get Loans for Nonprofit Organizations

They say you should always live within your means, even if you have to borrow money to do it and this is also true when it comes to loans for nonprofit organizations. Indeed, getting a loan for a not for profit can help you pay bills, start programs and make payroll. The most important aspect […]

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Financing for a Nonprofit Organization

Financing for a nonprofit organization is not about making money. You must develop a strategic approach for how you will build capacity, fund all your activities and expenses and achieve your mission and yes, even a nonprofit needs some form of financing sometimes.  How can you do all this, while still applying for grants, managing […]

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New Ideas on How to Fund a Nonprofit for Established Nonprofits

For nonprofit executive directors, it’s natural to want to open new doors, do new things and find new ideas on how to fund a nonprofit. This is the only way to keep moving forward. If you are an established nonprofit with revenue over $300,000 per year then you are already past the threshold of knowing […]

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Can a Nonprofit Get a Loan

At Financing Solutions (www.financingsolutionsnow.com), they get calls from many executive directors of nonprofits who often ask, “Can a nonprofit get a loan?” The answer is yes but it’s not always so simple. It really depends on where you apply and the management of your organization. How Can a Nonprofit Get a Loan from a Bank? […]

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