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Fraud Prevention in a Nonprofit: You Don’t Know You Need It with Stephen King. Nonprofit MBA 9.4

Fraud prevention might not be the first thing on a nonprofit’s mind when striving to make a positive impact, but its importance cannot be overstated. Protecting the organization’s resources, reputation, […]


Strategic Planning For Nonprofit Founders with Andrena Sawyer. Nonprofit MBA 9.3

As a nonprofit founder, strategic planning is your compass in the often complex and dynamic world of nonprofit work. It provides you with the tools to navigate challenges, allocate resources […]


Nonprofit Board Relations: a Fool-Proof Strategy for Good Governance from Brad Ward. Nonprofit MBA 9.2

In nonprofit governance, effective board relations are instrumental in ensuring the organization’s longevity, impact, and sustainability. By following this fool-proof strategy encompassing transparent communication, role clarification, diversity, education, engagement, strategic […]


How Nonprofits can leverage fractional executives to level up with Cindy Wagman. Nonprofit MBA 9.1

Fractional executives offer a game-changing resource for nonprofits seeking to increase their operations and create a more significant impact. By accessing specialized expertise, optimizing budgets, and fostering flexibility, nonprofits can […]

Nonprofit Audit

The Key Elements in a Nonprofit Audit

The Key Elements in a Nonprofit Audit Nonprofit organizations are pivotal in addressing societal needs, promoting social causes, and driving positive change. Therefore, the key elements in a nonprofit audit […]