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9 Tips to Proper Nonprofit Board Leadership Training

Nonprofit Board Leadership Training

As an executive director of a nonprofit board committee, you are surrounded by multi-talented individuals that are determined to shape the future. The future of your nonprofit is heavily reliant on successful board performance to carry over into the projects and initiatives the nonprofit is hoping to execute. Board members are undoubtedly leaders that employees […]


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Can a Board Member Loan Money to Their Nonprofit

grants for nonprofits

Board members for nonprofit organizations have immense responsibilities. You are expected to oversee daily activities, adhere to current bylaws, and ensure that finances are stable.  Should a board member with these responsibilities also be allowed to lend money to their nonprofit organization? The mindset of a board member should be to see your nonprofit succeed. […]

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Top 8 Challenges That Nonprofits Face

You should not judge a nonprofit by how it operates when things are good. How a nonprofit handles challenges will tell you whether it can stand the test of time. There are typically three top financial challenges nonprofits face throughout their lifetime. Having the right resources can be the difference between success or failure. They say that […]

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