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Business plan

How to Write a Business Plan for a Nonprofit

Like businesses, developing a business plan is essential for running a successful nonprofit. A business plan helps nonprofit founders to ask and think through some pertinent questions that will be […]

Business line of credit

Nonprofit Funding FAQs

Every nonprofit needs funding to operate effectively and further its cause and there are also times when a nonprofit needs to give away its funds. Unlike businesses, nonprofit funding is […]

nonprofit taxes

Do Nonprofits Have to Pay Taxes?

Nonprofits are organizations that operate for the collective public and private interest without aiming to generate profits for the founders. Unlike businesses, nonprofit organizations are exempt from federal income taxes […]

types of nonprofit boards

What are Nonprofits Bylaws?

Law is an essential part of human existence. It serves as a guideline for what is accepted in society and helps to mediate differences in interpersonal relations. Without some laid […]

Can Nonprofit Organizations Lobby

Why Do Nonprofit Organizations Fail?

Nonprofit organizations have the same challenges as for-profit small businesses. From poor management to poor financing, the risk of failure is ever-present. The National Center on Charitable Statistics says about […]