Nonprofit MBA Podcast

The Nonprofit MBA Podcast & articles are for Executive Directors, Board Members, and Staff and aim to help you build your nonprofits better. We bring on the best guests who provide incredible free advice and experience on fundraising, grants writing, funding, operations, donor retention, training, and operations.

How to Streamline Your Grant Writing Process for Success with Lynn Arsenault. Nonprofit MBA 6.18

Streamlining your nonprofit grant writing process can help you save time, reduce stress, and increase your chances of success. By creating a grant calendar, developing a standard proposal template, collecting […]


How to Create Agile Leadership At Your Nonprofit with Diane Leonard. Nonprofit MBA 6.17

Nonprofit organizations are increasingly adopting agile methodologies to achieve their mission and goals. Agile leadership in the nonprofit sector involves applying agile principles and values to leadership practices to enhance […]


Nonprofit Branding: Building and Executing Excellence with Farra Trompeter. Nonprofit MBA 6.16

Branding is ultimately critical to a nonprofit’s success, and it can change people’s perceptions about your organization, drive donations, and increase your organizational values. Smart nonprofit owners make concerted efforts […]


Women’s Philanthropy and Stewardship of Donors of Color with Yolanda F. Johnson. Nonprofit MBA 6.15

Women’s philanthropy and stewardship of donors of color are two important areas of focus in the nonprofit sector. Women play a critical role in philanthropy, as they make up a […]


The Keys to Hiring and Retaining Marketing Staff for Your Nonprofit with Beth Brodovsky. Nonprofit MBA 6.14

Nonprofit marketing is essential because it helps organizations communicate their mission and value to potential supporters and stakeholders. Effective marketing can help nonprofits increase awareness, build credibility, attract donors and […]