There’s no doubt that intuition plays a significant role in business decision-making. It can be a great tool in your business tool kit when properly harnessed. Your intuition( inner CEO) can offer solutions to your many problems and helps to generate creative ideas that will facilitate the operation of your business, especially when facts and data are unavailable and you’re in a very difficult situation. In today’s podcast, Lynn Robinson from Intuitive Consulting, Inc and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions discuss how small business owners can listen to their inner CEO to make informed decisions.

How to Listen to Your Inner CEO

As a small business owner, you are solely responsible for making your business decision. However, you should be very mindful of your decision-making process as the success of your business primarily depends on it. With this in mind, every small business owner should strive to find creative, intuitive, and inspirational ways of doing things. The rapidly-changing business world demands that entrepreneurs use their intuition (inner CEO) more than ever, as it can help bring forth positive results. 

Numerous questions face every business leader. These range from decisions about scaling, growth, business models, and the type of technology to adapt to questions concerning financing, hiring and firing of employees, product direction, and more that there’s little time to devote to logic and rational planning. But that’s not to say that conscious rational process should be done away it. However, a blend of inner spiritual guidance systems and the scientific method will significantly impact your business decision-making in no small measure. In other words, you should evaluate your gut feeling based on factual evidence.  

Using Data to Back Your Intuition in Business  

The use of intuition is so important in running a business because it’s a clear sign that you’re making a decision based on your inner spiritual guidance. ‘Intuition is a direct signal from your deepest self that you are navigating from your true center.

However, intuition alone isn’t enough for making informed decisions. When you don’t back your instinctive feeling with data, you might end up making a wrong judgment that can mar your business down the line. Scientific methods allow you to objectively establish facts through tests and experiments. In other words, it helps you figure out if your intuition is feasible and realizable so that you don’t make decisions on the spur of the moment.  

How to Get Intuition for your Business

Intuitions don’t come from a vacuum. Instead, they’re ideas in your subconscious mind that formed from your experience over the years, exposure, reading, and more. Below are various ways we get intuition. 


Most often, our intuition comes from our experience. Training and years of experience in a specific field can give one an instinctual understanding of particular issues. In other words, the wealth of knowledge you amassed can help you help make a good business decision pretty quickly by assessing the situation based on what you have previously experienced.Using Intuition in Business Decision-Making

Experience helps us move past the world of models and experimentations and empowers us with empirical data. 


An essential source of getting intuitive ideas is by reading books. All successful business persons make sure they read educational books. For instance, reading books can help reveal marketing and business strategies that you can tap into and grow your business. 


Through meditation, you can get an intuition that will enable you to make great business decisions. When we meditate, we connect better and improve our focus. While doing meditation, calm your mind by focusing on your breathing. Then repeat a word or phrase that soothes or makes you relaxed. Meditation brings much-needed space into your life, allowing you to remain focused and make better choices. In other words, it helps you harness your creative mind, intuition, and inner peace.

Ask Open-ended Questions

Posing questions that don’t demand definitive answers will help elicit a more informative response. For instance, questions like ‘what can we do to increase turnover?’ or how will we create more brand recognition for our products? By writing any or all answer that comes to your mind, you can make a better judgment. 

Using An Image

Using a mental picture can help you make decisions especially when your logical, rational mind is unsettled. In other words, you can get intuitive ideas through a visual representation of the solution to your problem.


By thinking about the challenge and visualizing yourself dealing with the problem, someone might come up to you with a working solution to the problem. Or you might come across a book, banner, or any other source that can give you a clue on how to tackle the challenge. According to Lynn, many excellent solutions have come forth in this way. 

By Walking Around

Taking a stroll will help bring more oxygen to your brain and help you think more clearly. In other words, chances are good that when you put your work on hold and embark on a brisk walk, you will get the ideas to solve your problem.

Learn About Our Guest

Lynn Robinson is a bestselling author and popular speaker on the hot topic of intuition. She’s talking to us today about how to tap into the power of our own “Inner CEO.” Her consulting clients consistently praise her uncanny intuitive insights as “spot on” resulting in increased personal clarity, creative solutions, and overall business success. Her latest book is “PUT YOUR INTUITION TO WORK: How to Supercharge Your Inner Wisdom to Think Fast and Make Great Decisions.”

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