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The Importance of Donor Retention: Nonprofit MBA Podcast 2.1

Today’s Podcast: The Importance of Donor Retention Hosted by Financing Solutions Stephen Halasnik. Financing Solutions is the leading provider of Lines of Credit to Nonprofits. Today’s Guest Steven Shattuck is the Chief Engagement Officer at Bloomerang, a leader in Donor Management Software. Steven is a prolific writer, and speaker, as it relates to donor retention. […]

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Financing for a Nonprofit Organization

Financing for a nonprofit organization is not about making money. You must develop a strategic approach for how you will build capacity, fund all your activities and expenses and achieve your mission and yes, even a nonprofit needs some form of financing sometimes.  How can you do all this, while still applying for grants, managing […]

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Loans for Not for Profit Organizations

As a word of caution, former President Andrew Jackson once said you should live within your means and never be in debt. In the world of nonprofits, you know that this not really possible or practical. At some point, it will be necessary to take on debt. That’s why you need to know more about […]

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How the New Nonprofit Tax Bill Will Affect Nonprofit Organizations

Most people think that, as a tax exempt entity, nonprofits never have to worry about taxes. This is far from true. For example, there is a new nonprofit tax bill that will have a significant impact on nonprofit organizations. Learn more about how it will affect your nonprofit and what you can do about it. […]

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Nonprofit Credit Card Processing and a Line of Credit Go Hand in Hand

In nonprofits, smart planning and good leadership go hand in hand. When leading your nonprofit organization, you should know that nonprofit credit card processing and a line of credit also go hand in hand. The Basics of Nonprofit Credit Card Processing There is a general misconception that nonprofit organizations have it easy. You print up […]

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Sources of Grants for Existing Nonprofits

For instance, it can be hard to locate sources of grants for existing nonprofits.

With the popularity of the Internet and the abundance of information, you’d think that finding what you need is easier than ever, but this is not the case. For instance, it can be hard to locate sources of grants for existing nonprofits. When seeking sources of grants for existing nonprofits, you can’t just get a […]

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Financing for Nonprofit Organizations

Where is the Best Place to Turn for Financing for Nonprofit Organizations?

Profit is used to evaluate economic activity. The work of nonprofits is used to assess our humanity. With such a big weight on your shoulders, it’s vital to learn more about financing for nonprofit organizations. These days, financing for nonprofit organizations is in short supply. To increase the changes of survival of your not for […]

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Why a Nonprofit 501C3 Needs Financing Just in Case

The Importance of Nonprofit 501C3 Financing

They say you should be nice to your enemies just in case your friends turn out to be jerks. The same could be said for nonprofit 501c3 financing. You never know when your situation may take a turn for the worse so you should arrange alternate financing just in case. It’s always better to have […]

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Where Can a Nonprofit Get Funding

The Best Place to Go for Nonprofit Funding

Everyday, you strive to get closer to the goals and mission of your nonprofit. To do so, you may need to know how your nonprofit can get funding. The main task for the leader of a nonprofit is to get your organization what it needs in order to do the most good. This often takes […]

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Where to Find Small Business Loans for Nonprofits

Who Offers Small Business Loans for Nonprofits

It has been said that big things often have small beginnings. For example, just think of all the amazing things your organization could do with small business loans for nonprofits. Sometimes, all it takes for a nonprofit organization to thrive is a small bit of assistance. That’s why small business loans for nonprofits are so […]

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