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Business Owners: Turn your Rockstar Doers into Strategic Thinkers and Leaders. Entrepreneur MBA Podcast 4.6

Summary: In today’s podcast, Veronica Romney from Dream Team Architect and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions discuss the importance of turning rockstar doers into creative thinkers and strategic leaders in business operations. These solutions are very effective in facilitating business growth and development as informed decisions are easily made.

Business Owners: Turn your Rockstar Doers into Strategic Thinkers and Leaders

Businesses thrive when phenomenal people other than the owners can comImproving employees' leadership abilityfortably assume responsibilities. Business owners should strive to identify their rockstar doers and invest in them through training and development services to ensure optimal performance. Managing your star performers through leadership training is the most effective way to engender stability in your business. Besides, no leader can downplay the importance of delegation of duty in any functional organization. Time constraints have made it increasingly difficult for business owners to juggle numerous activities and maintain a viable business without getting stressed or burned out. However, many businesses that have realized the significance of delegation in administration are regularly hitting new milestones in their set goals. 

Leveraging using rockstar performers in the decision-making of your business venture is highly essential for the success of your business and saves a lot of stress. After all, rockstars deliver results and exceedingly meet expectations that are already seen in the key performance indicators. Moreover, they’re capable of coming up with innovative ideas that will help the growth and development of your business when equipped with the requisite skill set.

Nevertheless, leadership positions come with a whole lot of challenges. For example, the action of guiding and influencing the behavior and work of others to achieve a specific goal requires skills of some sort. Therefore, business owners should ensure they equip their remarkable employees with the necessary skill set that will help them think strategically and make informed decisions. In other words, business owners should give them the tools and knowledge to work and make them better at what they do. 

This piece painstakingly highlights the methods used by business experts to harness the inherent potentials of their star performers for increased productivity.

Hire a Seasoned Coach

Business coaches can help you bring the best leadership qualities in your rockstar performers. Business coaching aims to help your team members develop in a way that contributes enormously to your business’s growth. Coaches can teach high achievers the skills needed for your business by instilling in them the abilities to raise targets and focus time and attention on what really matters. Leadership means having a great deal of emotional intelligence to manage others. A professional coach levels up the emotional intelligence of the prospective leaders by equipping them with the capacity to manage and control their emotions and influence the emotion of other employees so that it streamlines the organization’s efficiency.

Give them Autonomy

A major process of bringing your high-performing employees’ creative ideas and leadership potential to life is by delegating authority and responsibility for certain projects and tasks to them. It’s essential not to micromanage them. Instead, allow them the discretion to execute the task entrusted to them so that they can think creatively in getting the work done. In addition, business owners should allow their rockstars to work alongside other team members to mentor and develop them.

Provide Positive Feedback

People thrive on positive feedback. Rock Stars tend to require more praise and reassurance than average employees. Business owners should give appropriate feedback by acknowledging their contribution to make them feel motivated and encouraged. In other words, if your rockstar performed an impressive or stellar project, commend them accordingly. Encourage them when they make mistakes and give them detailed direction on how to do it well next time.

Manage their Workload

Employers should make sure that the tasks they assign to their rockstars are manageable enough to avoid burnout on their sides. In other words, they should always do due diligence to identify tasks and projects that they can remove from their rockstars’ plates to make capacity for other strategic projects. Allowing them flexibility in project execution will give them the brainpower, energy, and time to do their best and creatively contribute more to the development of the business.

 About the Guest Speaker

Veronica Romney is a Dream Team Architect helping online entrepreneurs dial in their human resources, develop phenomenal company cultures, and profitable bottom lines. She’s a former Speaker and Trainer for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and the former Chief of Staff of mega-brand BossBabe. She’s no stranger to the stage and has been in the online marketing world for over 13 years, having been featured in places like Forbes, Inc, Huffpost, and more. When she’s not helping her visionary clients scale to 8-figures plus, you can find her wrangling her two-man cubs in the beautiful oak trees of North Carolina.

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