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Succession Planning for A Nonprofit

Summary: In this article, we are going to talk about succession planning. Although it may not seem like it right now, this is a relevant consideration for any nonprofit. So, what is the right strategy for succession planning as a nonprofit? In this article, we’re going to give you some tips for succession planning as […]

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Fundraising for Nonprofits with MarketSmart

Summary: One of the biggest impediments to finding new fundraising options for nonprofits is often their refusal to adapt to a changing marketplace. As you might imagine, this can be an obstacle to growth, and can stand in the way of discovering new, more efficient ways to raise money. Nonprofits simply keep doing what they […]

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Nonprofit Boards: The Executive Director’s Best Friends (No, Really!): Nonprofit MBA Podcast 1.6

Summary: Nonprofit boards can and should be the principal source of support (moral and financial) for their organizations. Some, however (though none of yours of course), can be a nuisance or even an impediment to successfully fulfilling the mission. In any case, the value of the board can be increased through an understanding of their […]

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