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Nonprofit Leadership

Nonprofit Leadership Potential: Do You Know It When You See It?

The Dilemma For a Nonprofit Leader As a nonprofit executive leader, you only have so much time to spend mentoring others. But it can be difficult to figure out who […]

nonporfit executive coaching

Inexpensive Nonprofit Executive Coaching To Help You

Would you like to be a better leader of your nonprofit? As a nonprofit leader, you’ve got huge demands on your time and attention. You’re also committed to developing yourself […]

nonprofit board support

How to Leverage Nonprofit Board Support

Nonprofits exist and operate by the leadership of their board of directors. Not only do they provide strategic and fiduciary oversight for the nonprofit, but they also assist in funding […]

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When is it Time for New Board Leadership at Your Nonprofit

The nonprofit board of directors is the leader that nonprofit members rely on in times of adversity and look to when in need of inspiration. However, if a board is […]

Nonprofit Executive Leadership

How Many Board Members are Required for a Nonprofit?

The nonprofit board of directors is composed of dedicated leaders that are brought together for a larger purpose. Board members can come from all types of backgrounds. Lawyers, volunteers, accountants, […]