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Nonprofit boards

What to do When Nonprofit Boards Go Bad?

Nonprofits typically sound simple in theory. People from all walks of life come under one mission and aim to reach the nonprofit’s goals. However, just like any group of people, […]

nonprofit board leadership

How Does a Nonprofit Board Provide Leadership

Since the board of directors has a large amount of responsibility, they need to stay focused and productive. With great influence, the actions and decisions board members conduct creates a […]

responsibilities of a nonprofit executive director

What Does an Executive Director of a Nonprofit Do?

Nonprofit executive directors play a large role in the organization’s success through their ability to lead, communicate, manage, fundraise, build relationships, problem-solve, and make smart decisions. Although this one individual […]

Nonprofit Board Meetings Open to the Public

Are Nonprofit Board Meetings Open to the Public?

One of the key responsibilities of a nonprofit board is to have frequent board meetings to reestablish the ideals and goals of their mission. Understanding what the organization did well […]

nonprofit bylaws public

Are Nonprofit Bylaws Public?

A nonprofit organization’s mission is to ensure the prosperity of a cause, involving the public or charity, that requires additional funding and support. Bylaws are established by a nonprofit in […]