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nonprofit bylaws public

Are Nonprofit Bylaws Public?

A nonprofit organization’s mission is to ensure the prosperity of a cause, involving the public or charity, that requires additional funding and support. Bylaws are established by a nonprofit in […]

Nonprofit Board Leadership Training

9 Tips to Proper Nonprofit Board Leadership Training

As an executive director of a nonprofit board committee, you are surrounded by multi-talented individuals that are determined to shape the future. The future of your nonprofit is heavily reliant […]

grants for nonprofits

Can a Board Member Loan Money to Their Nonprofit

Nonprofit board members have immense responsibilities. You are expected to oversee daily activities, adhere to current bylaws, and ensure that finances are stable.  Should a board member with these responsibilities […]


How to Improve Operating Working Capital

Article summary: Your operating working capital is how you make payroll, purchase supplies and handle your daily operations. With so much at stake, it’s no wonder companies like yours are […]

Ways that a Line of Credit Can Really Help Nonprofits

How a Line of Credit Can Really Help Nonprofits

A positive attitude, a solid mission, and dedicated employees can really make a difference for your nonprofit. You should also learn how a line of credit can really help nonprofits. […]