Summary: In today’s podcast episode, Joey Myers from Lead Generation and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions discuss how email marketing can transform small businesses. These solutions are helping small businesses grow their email list exponentially.

The Value of Email Marketing for Customers

Small businesses that sell products through third-party distributors such as Amazon risk exposing their customer’s information to competitors. Email marketing allows businesses to promote products directly to their customers’ emails. Small businesses can useemail marketing for small business customer emails to create lookalike audiences which analyzes the interest of users on Facebook and matches them to the interest of a business’s current customers by email.

A small business can use email marketing to analyze customer satisfaction with the business and get ahead of potential bad reviews. Sending out surveys periodically to customers’ emails can give a small business valuable insight as to what they are doing right or wrong based on customer satisfaction.

Developing an Email Marketing Strategy

Small businesses can grow and scale their email marketing efforts by utilizing different media outlets. Social media ads can funnel potential customers to a business’s site and increase the volume of customers on their email list. The basis of the marketing strategy that a business chooses should be focused on solutions that best fit the business’s target market.

A small business could also benefit from setting up a subject line that best fits the format in which customers view the email. Testing different subject lines that grab the audience’s attention can increase the open rates of the email. The body of the email should influence customers to review the rest of the email, increasing the click-through rate of the email and the number of customers interacting with the business.

Including testimonials and images relating to a business is an effective way to catch readers’ attention. Small business owners and entrepreneurs who are not tech-savvy may benefit from hiring talent through third-party agencies such as Fiverr to add elements of graphic design to an email newsletter. It is important for the design and content of the email to match the essence of the industry and give credibility to the business.

Email Marketing as Lead Generation

Lead generation is important when marketing a new product or service because it builds visibility and interest from a business’s target market. Small businesses should make email marketing efforts the core operating system when trying to generate new leads. Small businesses should frequently utilize social media platforms to direct potential customers to their websites. Once potential customers are on a business’s website, they should have the option to opt into the email list.

The function of the email list should be to communicate and market the product or service directly to customers and increase conversion rates. The email content allows customers to become more familiar with the business, increasing the likelihood of referrals and positive reviews. Small businesses can use data collected from email marketing software to create more personalized emails that will keep high-quality leads engaged with valuable content.

About Joey Myers from Lead Generation

Joey has extensive experience in digital marketing and runs a search engine optimization agency called Lead Generation SEO Services. By writing Amazon bestselling books, which has grown his business 3X, Joey has also grown his email list from 3,500 to over 100,000 subscribers in a 3-year time frame. Joey has also sold over 30,000 online video courses, books, online lessons, and dropshipping products.

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