Summary: In today’s podcast episode, Michelle Prince from Performance Publishing Group and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions discuss different ways that business owners and executives can leverage authority to build their businesses. These solutions are changing the way we do business for the better.

Leveraging Your Brand

Business owners are naturally the authority figure of their story and their business. Business owners should take advantage of their expertise in a way that makes them the prime choice for customers looking for a solution. Establishing a connection with customers and clients can elevate a new or already established business to the next level. Business owners benefit from leveraging their brand and authority through exploring new ventures such as conducting podcasts, writing books, or creating blogs. These activities help to build their platform and lend more credibility to the people in charge of the business. Over the past decade, business owners and executives of global brands have begun to realize the power of their brands through owners leveraging their authority.

Making an Impact Matters

Business owners can provide solutions personally or professionally to the people they do business with. To help build a brand, business owners should look at the bigger picture when creating goals for the business. Every business has a story, which in part attractsAuthority the type of customers that best fit with the business. In order to make the most impact on its customers, a business should operate in a way that is accessible, relevant, and beneficial.  The impact that a business has on a customer is most attributed to the people that work there. Having authority within a business helps customers put a face to who they trust to provide them with a solution.

Marketing Your Authority

When business owners take new ventures, they often must consult with other businesses that can aid this venture through funding, engagement, or publication. When seeking help from other businesses, it is important that the business owner has an established platform and resources to build their authority and business. There are many times when business owners and executives will first self-fund their own venture and then later reach out to outside consultants to help elevate their next venture. This is to show outside consultants that they are able to be successful and therefore establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the consultants, who will now be more likely to help fund the operation.

Using Books to leverage Authority.

Writing a book is a great way for business owners and executives to build authority for their brands. Selling books and making a profit is only one of the many opportunities that come from publishing a book. Publishing a book can open up many opportunities for business owners and executives such as public speaking gigs, consulting, and other entrepreneurial activities. Writing a book also shows potential customers and clients the hardworking nature of the author and can give more insight into the business. It can be difficult to get a book published considering that most publishing companies want to have a return on investment when working with an author. It is crucial for the author to be able to show that they are able to generate sales and be successful on their own before receiving any funding or resources from publications. There is no right or wrong way to publish a book. Success should be determined based on the author’s personal goals and aspirations for writing the book, to begin with.

About Michelle Prince from Performance Publishing Group

Michelle Prince is a best-selling author, sought-after motivational speaker, self-publishing expert, leadership coach, and CEO/Founder of Performance Publishing Group, a “partner” publishing company dedicated to making a difference… one story at a time. She’s helped thousands become published authors through her consulting, courses, seminars, and publishing services, and founded the “Book Bound Workshop.” She has also published many successful books, including her best-selling Winning in Life Now and The Power of Authority.
Michelle has been endorsed by some of the most influential speakers in personal development, including Zig Ziglar.

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