Self-affirmations are well known to be a powerful tool that can help business owners and their teams improve their performance, productivity, and overall well-being. However, Noah St. John has coined the phrase Afformations. Afformations are positive and empowering questions you ask yourself to change your beliefs and focus on what is right about you instead of wrong. Positive Afformations help business owners and their teams operate at their peak performances, allowing them to reach their goals quickly. In today’s podcast, Noah St. John from and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions discuss how self Afformations can help business owners and their teams.

How Self Afformations Can Help Business Owners and Their Teams

Running a business can be a challenging and often stressful endeavor. As a business owner, you’re responsible for making tough decisions, managing employees, and dealing with business uncertainties. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and even doubtful about your leadership abilities is easy. That’s where self afformations come in. 

Self- afformations are powerful tools that help business owners boost their confidence, reduce stress, and focus on their goals. In this blog post, we’ll explore how self afformations can help business owners and provide tips for creating effective affirmations.

What Are Self afformations?

Self afformations are positive statements you repeat to yourself to boost your confidence and self-esteem. They’re a form of positive self-talk that can help you reframe negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself. By repeating self afformations regularly, you can start to internalize them and make them a part of your daily mindset.Self affirmations

How Can Self afformations Help Business Owners?

Running a business can be a demanding and stressful undertaking. However, with self afformations, business owners can build confidence and achieve their goals faster. Here are some ways that self afformations can help business owners:

Boost Confidence: Self afformations can help business owners boost their confidence and belief in their abilities. By reminding yourself of your strengths and accomplishments, you can counteract negative self-talk and feel more empowered to tackle challenges.

Reduce Stress: Stress is a common issue for business owners, and it can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Self- afformations can help reduce stress by providing a positive outlook and reinforcing that you can handle whatever comes your way.

Stay Focused on Goals: Business owners often have long-term goals that require persistence and determination. Self afformations can help you stay focused on your goals by reminding you of the bigger picture and encouraging you to keep moving forward.

Tips for Creating Effective Self Afformations

Creating effective self affirmations can take some practice. Here are some tips for creating affirmations that will work for you:

Use Positive Language 

Self afformations should be phrased in positive language. Positive language helps you communicate effectively with others and can also impact your mindset and attitude. It can help us feel more motivated, confident, and capable of achieving our goals. Instead of saying, “I’m not a failure,” try, “I am successful.”

Be Specific and Personal

Make your affirmations specific to your goals and aspirations. For example, “I am a successful business owner” is more specific than “I am successful.” Your affirmations should be personal to you and reflect your values and beliefs. Don’t just repeat generic affirmations that don’t resonate with you.

Use the Present Tense

Affirmations should be phrased in the present tense. For example, “I am confident” is more effective than “I will be confident.”

Examples of Self Affirmations for Business Owners:

Here are some examples of self-affirmations that can help business owners:

  • I am capable of handling any challenge that comes my way.
  • I am a successful business owner.
  • I have the skills and knowledge to make wise decisions for my business.
  • I am confident in my ability to lead my team.
  • I am focused on my goals and determined to achieve them.
  • I am worthy of success and abundance in my business.
  • I trust myself to make the right decisions for my business.
  • I am resilient and able to bounce back from setbacks.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to run my own business.
  • I am deserving of success and prosperity in my business.


Self- afformations can be a powerful tool for business owners looking to boost their revenue, reduce stress, and stay focused on their goals. Business owners can reframe negative thoughts by creating effective affirmations and repeating them regularly.

Learn About Our Guest

Noah St. John is an Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, and a #1 Bestselling Author. He is recognized as “The Father of AFFORMATIONS®” and “The Mental Health Coach to The Stars.”

Noah is the only author in history to have works published by Hay House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Mindvalley, Nightingale-Conant, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul publisher.

Noah has also delivered over 1,000+ presentations for corporations, associations, business groups, colleges, universities, and youth organizations worldwide.

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