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How Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Build Content. Entrepreneur MBA Podcast 3.22

Summary: In today’s episode, Suzette Bailey from SimpleMarketing.AI and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions how small businesses and entrepreneurs are using artificial intelligence to build content. These solutions are changing the way businesses operate on a functional level.

Al Increases Efficiency

Artificial intelligence software can generate content in a short amount of time. Most of the time this content is indistinguishable from human-made content, which is great for google’s search engine optimization. The SimpleMarketing.AI writes content for you using its own body of knowledge, eliminating any chances of plagiarism or repeat content. AI applications are helping to semi-automate tasks that we previously relied on humans to complete.

Functionality is Key

Artificial intelligence software can be used in all levels of business. The software provides access to new technology for small businesses and entrepreneurs without tech knowledge. The user can insert keywords into the software, and it will generate a solid draft for the user. Business writers now have easy-to-use software that they can tailor to fit their organization-specific content requirements. This software not only works as a tool for writers but also allows leaders to focus on the bigger picture.

Advancing Your Content with AI

The SimpleMarketing.AI software can write in over 150 languages and generates new content with each submission of keywords. The software is able to draw connections among topics or keywords and generate content beyond what is put into the system. AI marketing systems bring value to businesses and entrepreneurs without breaking the bank.

About Suzette Bailey from SimpleMarketing.AI

Suzette Bailey bioscience graduate with over 20 years of experience in system thinking. Suzette is the CEO and Co-Founder of SimpleMarketing.AI, which generates unique and original marketing content for businesses and entrepreneurs. Suzette is also the CEO of Sensory7 Pty Ltd located in Australia. Suzette prides herself on her collaborative efforts to support the business through content marketing solutions.

About Financing Solutions  Small Business Line of Credit

Financing Solutions, an A+ and 5 stars rated BBB company since 2002, is a direct lender that provides business lines of credit without personal guarantee.

Financing Solutions small business financing product is a great alternative to a traditional bank line of credit because it costs nothing to set up, nothing until used, and when used, is inexpensive. The credit line requires no collateral and no personal guarantees.

Small businesses use their line of credit to help with emergencies or opportunities when your small business’s cash flow is temporarily down (i.e. Payroll funding)

Please feel free to fill out the no-obligation, 2-minute business line of credit application here. The time to set up a credit line is when you don’t need it so that it is ready to be used, just in case.

Note: Financing Solutions donates 10% of its profits to various nonprofit charities


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