How to Change an Organization: A Regenerative Change Theory for Businesses and Humans

In today’s Podcast, Carol Sanford from The Regenerative Business and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions discuss how to change an organization based on the regenerative change theory for businesses and humans. Business owners can dramatically bring changes to their business through innovative and disruptive business best practices. In other words, when business owners become more creative and intentional about running their businesses, they will have more opportunities to scale.  

How To Build a Successful Business 

Businesses fail daily because of the inability of the owners to leverage innovative solutions that promote growth. To scale, you should seek disruptive but effective methods of running your business. In other words, your strategy should be able to unlock a new level of innovation, financial results, and customer loyalty while building human capacity to contribute to the progress of your business. 

By using business best practices, you will transform your business into something flexible, innovative, and developmental so that you can become a strong force in your market niche and non-displaceable.

Read on as we uncover the key ingredients for building a successful business.


Innovation is an important tool for every successful business. When you become innovative, you can exploit changes as an opportunity for your business. Therefore, you should search purposefully for the sources of innovation, the changes, and their symptoms that indicate opportunities. 

Smart business owners are always looking out for market changes that catch everyone aware and take advantage of that to grow their business. For example, demographic changes, changes in perception, and new knowledge bring plenty of opportunities for business owners. 

The world is ever-changing, and so should your business if you want to succeed. Businesses that stand out from the pack today embrace innovation. Innovative business leaders aim to change the status quo through constant innovation and reinvention. No matter your business’s current position, you cannot favorably compete if you are not creative in running your business.

Conduct Market Research

Through market research, you will be to determine the viability of the product or service you provide. Market research allows you to discover the target market and get opinions and feedback from your target customers about your product or service. Doing market research will clarify who your target customers are, where you can reach them, and their interests. Once you define these, you will quickly realize your business opportunities.  In addition, market research helps reduce risk and maximizes your reach. Plus, the way to ensure your business survives and grow is by getting steady sales and customers.

Team Building

It’s important you build your team to have more engaged employees that will help you achieve your business objectives. Team building is an essential investment you can make for your business growth. Building your team will reduce the chance of conflict, encourage communication and improve collaboration. Besides, your employees are one of the most important factors that can significantly impact your business’s performance. Effective team building means that your company has the workforce that will help achieve its mission in the short term and vision in the long term. Business Growth

Further, it also allows for a healthy workplace where your employees have a sense of belonging and will genuinely contribute their quota for the sustainable growth of your business. Team building involves leadership training and delegation of duties. In your absence, your employees should be capable of running your business without losing track of your target. 

Effective Marketing

No business organization can succeed without discovering the most innovative way to get its products and services in front of its target audience. The success of your business is hugely dependent on your marketing strategies. With this in mind, you should adopt an effective marketing strategy that will make customers aware of your products or services, engage them, and help them make a buying decision. To this end, you should create a marketing plan that generates leads and optimizes sales. 

If you don’t focus on marketing, you will struggle to build a profitable business. Therefore to maintain your company’s relevance, reputation, and competition, you must leverage the best-in-class marketing strategy. 

You can engage your customers by creating good content around your business, and educating them on what they do not know. Content marketing has become an essential tool in today’s marketing mix. And one good thing about it is that it’s quite inexpensive. When you have a good marketing content strategy, you will quickly realize how fast and easy you can reach out to numerous target audiences.


A critical aspect of business growth is funding. The availability of cash will help your business operate smoothly. A healthy cash flow will help you always to have funds to finance your business activities such as growing your business, making payroll, and more. In addition, you will be able to meet your business obligations and plan for the future. If you are just starting your business and still operating on a tight budget, you can consider external financing such as small business loans, lines of credit, or grant to ensure that your business doesn’t run out of cash. 

Evaluation Of Results 

Keeping track of your efforts will help you know where you are making progress and the area you need to improve. By appraising your performance, you will know whether you are hitting your target or need to change your tactics. 

Learn About Our Guest, Carol Sanford

Carol Sanford is a senior fellow of social innovation, Babson College (#1 in entrepreneurship education), a #1 Amazon best-selling author, has six best-selling books, Host of Business Second Opinion podcast, involved in critiquing Harvard Business Review, and Founder of Regenerative Change Agent Development Community. 

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