Summary: In today’s podcast guest Morissa Schwartz from Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing and GenZ Publishing, LLC.  speaks with Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions about how to hire the best digital marketing agency. When hiring the best digital marketing agency for small businesses there are a lot of important things you can look into such as quality of work, reviews, and their own online presence.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

It varies based on the type of agency you are working with. All the best digital marketing agencies have a team of people they know and trust. Morissa’s agency does 360 marketing, which has 4 parts: SEO, PR, ads, and social media. The reason she selected those aspects of marketing is that those parts all go together well. The best digital marketing agency has different plans that are the full picture of what they want in the future.

It is ideal for a digital marketing agency to start small and grow its way up. SEO takes a lot of work, and for the best results, it is important that you invest a lot of time and money in getting the best links out there. However, there’s nothing wrong with starting off smaller and notDigital Marketing spending as much time or money for the best backlinks if you are getting decent results.

The best digital marketing agency is using SEO and PPC more commonly because google prices are going up for backlinks. More people are using PR as well because it helps out SEO. High-quality writing will benefit your agency more because the robots at Google will rank you higher and the humans that share it on social media, the more they share it the better you’re going to do. Quality of writing is a very important aspect of having the best digital marketing agency.

Outsourcing Work Overseas

If you want to work with people overseas there has to be a good relationship. You can’t just hire a random person overseas and assign them to work to do. There has to be great communication between you and the person overseas when collaborating on certain projects instead of just handing them work to do.

How to Tell If a Digital Marketing Agency Is Good

The reviews and their own online presence are a great indicators to see if they are the best digital marketing agency. Where an SEO digital marketing agency ranks up is very important to see if they are doing good. For example, if you search for keywords and there are agencies that come up first, those are the best agencies to choose from. Their social media presence, especially their portfolio and their experience with past clients are very important factors in determining if the agency is doing good.

Some questions you can ask a digital marketing agency are about their case studies. Another thing you could do is use long-tail keywords that aren’t as expensive. For example, instead of typing in an SEO agency, you could type in keywords such as writing or marketing and give a specific location. This shows the clients that they are a legit agency. You could talk about turnaround times or how long it takes to onboard.

Other Lead Generation Sources on the Rise

Some lead generation sources that are on the leading edge include video and Tik Tok. TikTok is an app that started off for kids but now is a great platform to use because of how popular the app is becoming. By using Tik Tok, you can get an audience and the ability to get organic tracking. Organic tracking means the algorithm that Tik Tok uses so it is easier to get at least 100 views and it can be shared by so many people if people like the video. TikTok is still growing but it is definitely the future of lead generation sources and the best digital marketing agency should take advantage of it.

Video is also the future of lead generation because it has a lot of power when it comes to marketing. For example, on Tik Tok, you are seeing people’s faces and hear their voices which tell you a lot about the person from just seeing what they’re writing about. There’s already a bond built from just watching someone’s video because it is like you already know them.

How to Get On This Platform?

The first step is to look into the audience, you need to find out who is going to be interested in your Tik Toks first and who else is making videos like yours. There need to be hashtags used and thinking about which ones to use. For example, you can use a broader hashtag that has a bigger audience or you can use a more location-oriented hashtag that can get you more visible. You need to figure out when these people you are targeting are using Tik Tok. There needs to be trendy music used and there needs to be a cover photo. TikTok can definitely be utilized when finding the best digital marketing agency.

A question that is brought up is about the demographic more specifically the older audience on Tik Tok. There is a very diverse audience on Tik Tok. In fact, 40% of the people that view Morissa’s Tik Toks are over the age of 30. It is rare to find someone who owns a business that has a value of 1.5 million dollars. But the community on Tik Tok can be found just like any other social media platform.

Experiences With Digital Marketing Agencies

Just like other industries, there are good and bad experiences people have with digital marketing agencies. You shouldn’t let one bad experience ruin any other chance for experiences with agencies. A common misconception people have about these agencies is that they are the same which is simply false. Every digital marketing agency has its own way of doing things and dealing with people. Social media has a big role in determining people’s viewpoints on certain marketing agencies and changing someone’s perspective of it.

It is also important to realize when experiencing these different digital marketing agencies there is a difference between someone that does quality work and an intern that you hire. Based on their work you can tell which work is quality or not. A professional is always needed to do work on a platform because the best digital marketing agency would only have the best.

About the Guest Morissa Schwartz from Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing

Dr. Morissa Schwartz is the Founder and CEO of Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing and GenZ Publishing, LLC. is a marketing and writing company ranked #1 in PR and top ten in Social Media and SEO for New York and New Jersey on Thumbtack. GenZ Publishing is a publishing company that has produced 15 Amazon bestsellers. Dr. Rissy has been featured on Forbes, MTV, and is a bestselling author herself. She speaks professionally about inspiring others through words and entrepreneurship and was named the “Voice of Generation Z” by Community Magazine. She holds a doctorate in Literature from Drew University and has a Master’s in Communications.

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