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Where to Get a 501C3 Loan for Your Nonprofit

Are there alternatives to a 501c3 loan for your nonprofit

There are many numbers and questions flying around when discussing nonprofit organizations, such as whether donating one percent of your salary is enough and how many people are helped by each charity. One of the biggest questions is where to get a 501c3 loan for your nonprofit.Are there alternatives to a 501c3 loan for your nonprofit

The ability to get nonprofit financing can mean the difference between operating a thriving business and going under. Knowing where to go for a 501c3 loan is a vital first step.

Does Anyone Offer a 501C3 Loan for Your Nonprofit?

It is easy for a nonprofit to experience a cash shortage or unexpected growth and find itself in need of a not for profit loan. There are banks and other organizations that promise help, but it can be difficult or impossible to meet their criteria.

For example, banks often charge high interest rates on nonprofit loans. Also, they require tons of collateral to cover the cost of the loan.

Other lending institutions that work with nonprofits tend to have rigorous rules for eligibility. For some, it is necessary that you have at least a million dollars in annual operating revenue and a good credit history for three years or more.

Are There Alternatives to a 501C3 Loan for Your Nonprofit?

Many smaller nonprofits simply need some extra funding to get through a cash shortage until a government check or grant comes in. These days, more and more nonprofits are turning to a business cash advance company, like Financing Solutions (www.financingsolutionsnow.com), for help.

At Financing Solutions, you can get funding for your nonprofit in less than a week. They are accustomed to working with nonprofits and understand the unique challenges you face everyday.

Best of all, there is no long term commitment. You can repay the money quickly, when your check or grant comes in, without early repayment penalties.

Nonprofit Trends

Nonprofit organizations are often more susceptible to the economy and politics than other businesses. Still, there are sometimes patterns that you can recognize and use to your advantage to make fundraising efforts more effective.

For instance, research has shown that although government and foundation giving has been on the decline, individual giving has increased. With fewer dollars to go around, obtaining government grants has become a very competitive and time consuming task. This may mean that your efforts might be better spent on attracting individuals or small groups to your cause.

In addition, consumers are becoming more sophisticated and selective in their giving. With help from the Internet and social media, it is now possible to learn an excessive amount of information about an organization before making a donation. As a result, they are applying strict standards on organizations they choose to help, so it’s important for your business to adopt a culture of transparency if you want to attract their attention and dollars.

One of the biggest trends for nonprofits is that many are turning to Financing Solutions for instant business funding. They can remove some of your financial challenges so you can get back to growing your business.

If your nonprofit would like a line of credit that you can use when cash flow is down please visit www.fscreditline.com/np to learn more, to apply and to receive a written offer.  A Line of Credit for your nonprofit costs zero to set up and zero until you use it, making it an excellent backup plan.

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