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$100 bills fanned out indicating a business line of credit

Business Line of Credit: When to Start Planning for One

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Many businesses without lines of credit don’t think about obtaining one until it’s almost or already too late. They wait until they’re short on payday, their creditors are calling, or they’re unable to meet their obligations due to not enough revenue or a lack of cash flow.
So how does having a business line of credit avoid getting into this situation? The keyword when it comes to planning for a credit line is “prepare.” Be ready before you get into trouble, before you have cash flow and funding problems, and before you run into a shortfall. All of these are great times to consider getting a business line of credit. Because, when the time comes, you might not be able to arrange a credit line to get you out of a jam and cover necessary business expenses.

How Financing Solutions Can Help Users of Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

Users of Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Are Using Financing Solutions When They Are Short on Cash

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Intuit QuickBooks is perhaps one of the most popular brands of accounting software for businesses. With QuickBooks Payroll, you can simplify the processes of handling payroll, paying payroll taxes and […]

payroll financing

Affordable Payroll Financing Options When Cash Flow is Down

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A decade ago, payroll financing and payroll funding weren’t even a known business term and now the name is synonymous with many business loan categories. Payroll financing and payroll funding […]

small business cash flow management

Small Business Cash Flow Management (Video)

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Most small business owners only focus on cash flow when they’re in trouble, and can’t make payroll or pay an important bill. If the sudden coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic […]

Virtual Fundraising

Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

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In-person fundraising events like galas, races, and auctions, are typically big fundraisers for many nonprofits.  However, due to the continuing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, many nonprofits have been forced […]