Summary: in today’s podcast, Andrew Pawlak from LeadPops, Inc. and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions discuss digital marketing and lead generation for businesses. Digital marketing campaigns have made the discoverability of businesses, most especially small businesses, easier for prospects in today’s digital world. Business owners who know how to effectively maximize digital tools’ capabilities are continuously generating leads that convert to customers, thereby making more sales.

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation:  What It Means For Businesses

Online marketing has increasingly become indispensable in today’s marketing mix. Digital marketing has greatly impacted the way we do business in recent times. Gone are the days when business promotion involved using newspaper ads, launching flyer campaigns, or embarking on door-to-door awareness creation about a product. Today, with the aid of various analytics software, you will be able to focus on your target audiences.

More importantly, lead generation should be at the forefront of any digital marketing campaign. Every business owner should strive to understand what lead geDigital marketing campaignneration is in the light of digital marketing. Plus,  effective digital marketing functions should be able to convert leads into customers. The most efficient way to optimize your digital marketing strategy for more leads is to leverage irresistible offers, call-to-action, landing pages, and forms.

Business owners must constantly adapt to develop best-in-class digital marketing strategies for effective marketing.  More so, social media and SEO marketing go hand in hand with lead generation, and both play a significant role in popularizing brands and setting the stage for effective digital marketing.

Leveraging Digital Marketing For Small Business

The importance of digital marketing to small businesses can not be overemphasized in today’s digital economy. Digital marketing strategy helps small businesses to maximize sales effectively. Every small business owner needs to factor in digital marketing as more and more people are warmly embracing the internet. In addition, search engines make it increasingly possible for businesses with an online presence to be searched and found. For example, SEO helps small business owners to build long-term brand awareness, expand target audiences and effectively maximize revenue. 

With the help of a professional digital marketing consultant, you can make your page rank high on the search engine results pages. Plus, a highly optimized page is considered high-quality and trustworthy by search engines, which enhances the credibility of your business. 

Search Engine Optimization is relatively inexpensive when compared to other digital marketing tools. Search engines crawl your site day in and day out to promote useful content and find new customers organically. Detailed research is essential to craft content with best SEO practices. For instance, leveraging relevant and useful content with vital keywords will help your site rank higher than your competitors.

However, other digital channels are also effective in lead generation. For example, direct mail campaigns have been beneficial in promoting brands. Email marketing is a veritable way to connect with leads, nurture and convert them into customers. With email marketing, you can send personalized messages to your prospect and customers alike and help connect them with your brand. Plus, mailing has proved to be a significant way of getting and engaging customers’ attention. After all, research by HubSpot Research, Global Survey, states that customers continue to prefer connecting with brands via email, and email marketers see their email ROI skyrocket, with the latest numbers coming in at $42 to $1.

Measuring Digital Marketing Effort

Many business owners make the mistake of concentrating their energy on a specific digital channel without measuring the impact on the key performance indicator. However, having a clear insight on whether a particular digital campaign works or not will guide you while choosing the most effective digital marketing tool that maximizes return. Therefore, every business owner should continually keep tabs on every digital marketing strategy metric to determine their specific impact on the overall marketing mix.

Moreso, customer acquisition cost is another good way of measuring return on marketing investments. In other words, every business should take cognizance of the amount of money spent on a particular digital campaign relative to the number of new customers acquired. 


There’s no denying that traditional marketing methods are becoming less and less effective by the day as they bring forth undersized returns on investment for companies. The emergence of digital technologies has provided veritable solutions to many deficiencies of traditional marketing approaches. Today, digital marketing has become very effective in lead generation and conversion and has been helping businesses to build their brand in no small measure. 

Knowing how to harness the capabilities of digital marketing tools is critical in building effective marketing strategies that promote sales.

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Andrew Pawlak is an entrepreneur and author with over 17 years of sales and digital marketing experience, Andrew has been a pioneer in conversion optimization for mortgage and real estate marketing since starting in the industry in 2004. He has co-founded 2 successful internet startups in the mortgage and real estate space, including, a conversion optimization software and digital marketing platform, where he’s the CEO.

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