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How Being An Author Can Help You and Your Business. Entrepreneur MBA Podcast 3.11

Summary: In today’s podcast episode, Stephen Halasnik and his guest Steve Kidd discuss how being an author can help leverage your business. Being an author comes with credibility and recognition, and these rewards can benefit small business owners and entrepreneurs. Many people in the business world or those who are involved in the business life of things may forget how beneficial a piece of writing can set you up for success. A piece of professional writing will set you up for a long time of rewards and success. Today, the benefits of how writing a book can be not only to you but also to your business are discussed.

How Writing and Self-publishing Can Benefit You

Whether you are a best-selling author or have never written a book, it is never too late to start. People of all ages have written books from kids all the way to retired working professionals. As Steve Kidd suggests, everyone should write a book. Maybe you are reading this and think to yourself “I have never written a book before and I have no idea where to start,” but that is ok. There are plenty of individuals who choose to write about personal experiences, life lessons, or even nonfiction books. 

Writing a book doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might think. If you don’t want to write a whole book, consider writing an audiobook or a chapter in a book with other authors. It doesn’t matter how many books you have published, but as long as you have written something, it can benefit you in many ways. You might be thinking to yourself “how could writing a book help me?” As an individual in any occupation, writing a book or chapter gives you a gained sense of credibility and authenticity that nobody can take away from you. Being an author can be seen as a similar equivalent to getting a master’s degree or Ph.D. Having the title “best-selling author” or even author in general, allows people to view you as professional, credible, and knowledgeable about a given topic. In addition to this, whether you write a whole book, a chapter, or you want to try blogging, it allows people to see that you have a depth to your character. 

Being an Author-entrepreneur can Benefit Your Business

Being an author can help you in your personal and professional life, but it can greatly amplify your life as an entrepreneur. As a business owner, you may think of the writing and publishing industry as its own entity and as vastly different from the world of business. However, these two worlds so to speak can be integrated wonderfully together to benefit each other.

Being an author is a low-cost way to market yourself for a long period of time. In addition to giving you a marketing benefit, you are also able to provide value to the lives of other people. For example, if you are a business owner for many years, you may choose to write a business book about your experiences over the years in order to help other people. Writing a book doesn’t just have to be about helping yourself, but it can also help connect you to others. It can also help build your business profile and resume on Linkedin. 

Even after your book has been published for years or if your book sales decrease, you will still be able to talk about your experience as an author, and have it as a life accomplishment. As a business owner, it can be an experience to look back and say you wrote something that gave others benefit. During your time as an author, you can also use it as an advantage to integrate into your own business. Being an author can help accelerate your business model by helping you make connections with people in different industries. Even if you are a full-time business owner, you can help use your credibility as an author to go on podcasts and grow business clients. Sometimes entrepreneurs and business owners get so caught up in so many marketing techniques to integrate into a business plan, that they forget they can market themselves in addition to your product. Being an author can also present the opportunity for many new opportunities such as travel, public speaking, and opportunities to break into different industries and meet new people you would have never met before. 

What If You Have No Experience?

It can seem daunting at first if you have no experience in the world of writing and publishing. Perhaps you have a day job and you have no idea when you would even have time to write a book. Having a business coach can help connect you into the publishing world. You can even seek out traditional publishers or non-traditional publishers. They basically will take you through the step-by-step process of how you can get your thoughts and words into a published book. Many people get the impression that most authors are self-publishers, but that is simply not the case.

Many people who have never written a book or chapter before would assume that lots of people self-publish, which can happen, but you can have others help you along the way. Keep in mind that traditional publishing tends to look at your social media and following, so if you don’t have a huge audience reach, you may want to consider a non-traditional publisher. These types of companies can help be your cover designer, literary agent and give you a writing template, and help you with formatting too. 

When it comes to book marketing, it takes time to become a New York Times best-selling author, however, knowing the system behind book-selling is key to becoming a successful author. Whether you are a long-time author or a first-time author, it’s never too late to start. Just because you don’t have a writing career, doesn’t mean you can start by writing your first book. Business for authors can seem scary just as much as writing can seem scary for people on the business side of things.

About The Guest Steve Kidd, Author & Business Coach

Steve is an international best-selling author of several books; a 3rd Generation minister; and has been coaching business people to success for over 30 years.  In fact. Steve actually started selling at 5 years old! His show, Thriving Entrepreneur brings best-selling authors and successful entrepreneurs from around the world to you each week. The biggest blessing of Steve’s life is that turning point where what was an obstacle becomes a powerful message. When shared this message not only helps a person become a published author, but turns that former block into a powerful, and transformational opportunity for the people we are meant to serve. Steve feels it is so much fun helping bring new authors into the world and making them bestsellers every day.

About The Host Stephen Halasnik, Financing Solutions

Stephen Halasnik is the host of the popular, The Entrepreneur MBA Podcast. The Entrepreneur MBA podcast’s purpose is to help small businesses get over the $10 million per year in revenue mark. Mr. Halasnik is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Financing Solutions. Financing Solutions is a leading provider of Lines of Credit to small businesses and nonprofits

Mr. Halasnik is a graduate of Rutgers University and has an Executive Masters from the MIT Birthing of Giants Entrepreneurship program. Mr. Halasnik has started and built 6 companies over 25+ years with 2 of those businesses making the Inc 500/5000 fastest-growing list. Mr. Halasnik is a best-selling Amazon author on business and regularly tweets about his ideas about growing a business. You can also find Mr. Halasnik on youtube talking about Entrepreneurship

Mr. Halasnik loves small business. He lives in New Jersey with his best friend, his wife Gina. Mr. Halasnik’s number one purpose is raising his two boys, Michael and Maxwell, to be good men. 

About Financing Solutions 

Financing Solutions, an A+ and 5 stars rated BBB company since 2002, is a direct lender that provides lines of credit to small businesses and nonprofits. 

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