Summary: In today’s episode, Ty Belknap from Port Bell SEO and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions discuss how to keep track of employee productivity and how to manage expectations. These solutions can help employers put systems into place that aid communication and foster effective management skills.

Communication is Key

For CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs, it is important to know what is going on within your company. Employers should set aside time to speak with their employees about their performance, review specific tasks, or discuss any concerns that may arise.

It is important to know that not all tasks require the same amount of time to complete, therefore it is helpful to have open communication with your employees regarding their tasks at hand, and any resources they may need to complete them more efficiently.  Managers, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs should also be knowledgeable about the basics ofmanaging employees what employees are expected to do in order to have an idea of the ideal quality and duration of work. Knowing the basics allows employers to set expectations for employees and open the lines of communication.

Managing Goals & Expectations

Setting goals and expectations are an important aspect of managing and keeping track of employees. Employers should make expectations clear and periodically review them with employees. By periodically checking in on employees, employers can have an accurate representation of their employee’s performance and track their improvement.

Accountability is another aspect of managing goals and expectations. When goals and expectations are set, it is important for employers to hold employees accountable for their responsibilities.

Leadership Breeds Success

It is often said that the best managers are good leaders. Both leadership and management are skills that are learned and refined over time. Small businesses do not always have a second in command, leaving all the responsibilities of management and leadership to the small business owner. Small business owners should be able to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and hire talent to fulfill the areas in which they lack. Managing people involves being able to engage, motivate, and lead individuals down the path to success. Effective leaders are able to define success based on their organization’s specific needs while holding those they employ to equal standards of success.

About Ty Belknap from Port Bell SEO

Ty has been an online business owner for almost 20 years now and has gone from being a solopreneur online marketer to running a 4-person remote SEO business (his closest employee is over 4,000 miles away). His latest book, Timeless SEO Secrets, 3rd Edition, is written for people that don’t know SEO.

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