Publishing a book in your industry is a great way of building credibility and expanding your business reach. Although there might not be money in the book sales, however, the true value of the book is that it will position you as an authority in your business niche, leading to increased sales of services or products. As a small business marketing technique, writing a book that’s relevant to your niche will go a long way in spurring your small business’s growth. In today’s podcast, Vince Warnock from Chasing the Insights and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions discuss opening doors and profit for your business by being an author.

Opening Doors and Profit For Your Business by Being an Author

Becoming an author can help your small business marketing efforts and branding. However, while becoming a published author can be an arduous and lengthy process that entails looking for a publisher, many business owners are now opting for an easier method: self-publishing to get their books out there for their target audience to read. 

Writing a book that’s relevant to your business niche is a profitable marketing strategy that will go a long way in affecting your company’s bottom line. As an entrepreneur, you should strive to write at least one book highlighting your product or service. This is because people don’t discard books like business cards, plus it will help position you as a great authority in your business niche that customers can trust and want to do business with.  

There’s no better way to promote your company, create awareness of your business and gain credibility from your audience than to become an author.  

How Writing a Book Can Help Small Business Marketing.

Every successful business owner is constantly searching for innovative and effective ways of going about their marketing campaign. Marketing is at the heart of every progressive business, and getting the right marketing techniques will make a world of difference.  

However, experience has shown that being an author is a great way for business owners to gain credibility, position themselves as authorities in their various niches, and get visibility and recognition for their companies. Below are ways writing a book can benefit your small business marketing and branding. 

It Gives You Credibility 

Credibility is a critical factor in running a business. It’s a defining characteristic of successful companies. As a business owner, you may have a better product or service, but if you are found wanting in credibility, it will negatively impact your company’s growth. 

Customers want to do business with experts in their field, and publishing a book is a veritable way of establishing yourself as a trustworthy and reliable authority. With great content, you can develop a deep connection with your target audience and give them the confidence that you can truly proffer solutions to their problems. And when you gain people’s trust, they stick with you and always patronize you when they need your product or service. 

It Serves As a Public Relations Opportunities 

Publishing a book can provide public relation opportunity for your company. For example, media outfits always look for relevant and insightful publications to report. A book launch event is a great place of interest, especially if your book is relevant to a particular reporter’s beat-the primary focus of a reporter’s stories.

You can consider pitching your book as a story to news media to land interviews, reviews, and more. This will naturally lead to the mention of you and your business, thereby helping you get wider recognition. However, when targeting media outfits, ensure you reach out to journalists who cover your niche and let them know you can provide valuable insight to their audience in the said niche.   Small Business Marketing

It Can Increase Your Small Business Visibility

As a great small business marketing strategy, writing an authoritative book can significantly enhance your visibility and popularity in your industry. Many people like reading books that interest them, and being an author of a great book in a specific niche is a good way of reaching out to many potential customers that might want to do business with you. 

For example, many people go to Amazon to read books, and you can easily convert them to become your customers if your book resonates with them. 

It promotes Your Small Business Marketing Efforts

Writing a book helps set your business apart from the competition and spread the word about your company quickly. You can share your book when introducing your business to people. You can also distribute them at conferences and business meetings, among others, and expand the reach of your business. 

Additionally, you can promote it on social media and reach numerous potential clients. Plus, you can extract some pages from your book and repurpose them for blog articles. 

It Can Help You Earn Extra Income To Re-invest in Your Small Business

Besides helping your small business marketing and branding effort, publishing a book can bring extra income to you. Your book can become a masterpiece that will gain traction and increase revenue. 

You can re-invest the additional revenue into your business for expansion, or it can serve as cash backup in times of financial difficulty. 

Writing and editing a book requires time, research, experience, and resources, but it will bring overwhelming benefits to your small business, especially concerning your marketing campaign, and it has proved to be a great tool for small business marketing. Publishing a book in your industry will enhance your credibility and boost your market reach.

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Vince Warnock is an award-winning Marketing and Visibility coach, author, and host of the Chasing the Insights podcast. Previously CMO at Cigna, Vince has founded multiple companies, including ATG Publishing, Kanji Club NFTs, the Christmas Ninjas, and Chasing the Insights, where he empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to get seen, get published, and position themselves as the thought leader that they are.

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