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best small business line of credit

5 Strategies to Help You Overcome a Cash Flow Crisis

Business Financing, Forecasting & Accounting Articles & Information

Small business owners were optimistic heading into 2022. Even so, money remains a considerable concern after two years of the pandemic. According to the Small Business Index, a report compiled […]


Do You Need a Business Coach?

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Owning a business means that you are often pulled in many different directions. You likely have a full plate at every waking moment, and it can be challenging to know […]

Can Nonprofit Organizations Lobby

Why Do Nonprofit Organizations Fail?

Nonprofit Operations, Management, Leadership and Board Articles & Information

Nonprofit organizations have the same challenges as for-profit small businesses. From poor management to poor financing, the risk of failure is ever-present. The National Center on Charitable Statistics says about […]

How Does Financing Solutions Help Owner/Operators Buy Used FedEx Trucks

How to Finance Your FedEx Route

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As of May 2020, FedEx fully transitioned to an independent service provider (ISP) model, requiring route owners to operate both ground and home delivery routes. The new ISP guidelines also […]

Nonprofits money reserves

How Much Money Should a Nonprofit Have Reserved?

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Running a nonprofit or any business without money in reserve can be a very risky endeavor. Every organization, including nonprofits, should employ some financial management practices to ensure financial flexibility […]