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3 Tips for Negotiating Better Rate with FedEx for Your ISP 

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As a FedEx contractor, the success of your ISP enterprise is hugely dependent on your ability to negotiate a favorable contract. A satisfactory operating agreement will significantly contribute to the […]

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Church Financing: Are You Looking For Short Term or Long Term Financing?

Church Loan, Financing & Line of Credit

Like every organization, churches need financing to carry out their numerous undertakings seamlessly. Besides teaching morals, preaching the gospels, and performing marriages, funerals, and baptisms, many churches also perform charitable […]

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 A Guide to Nonprofit Salaries Copy

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There’s a common misconception that all nonprofit workers are volunteers; hence, little attention is given to employees’ salaries. However, like every business, the payment of nonprofit workers is essential for […]

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What Will a Bank Look At For a Business Loan Application

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The need for expansion, cash flow shortages, payment of wages and salaries, and more are some considerable reasons that might compel you to take out a commercial bank loan. However, […]


How To Improve Medical Clinic Receivable

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Proper management of your healthcare account receivable will streamline cash flow and help your medical clinic operate smoothly. Optimizing your medical clinic account receivable involves good revenue cycle management, running […]