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payroll financing

Affordable Payroll Financing Options When Cash Flow is Down

A decade ago, payroll financing and payroll funding weren’t even a known business term and now the name is synonymous with many business loan categories. Payroll financing and payroll funding […]

small business cash flow management

Small Business Cash Flow Management (Video)

Most small business owners only focus on cash flow when they’re in trouble, and can’t make payroll or pay an important bill. If the sudden coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic […]

business line of credit

Understanding Business Lines of Credit & Requirements From a Bank

If you are reading this, you are probably considering getting a small business line of credit, or are interested in financing options for your business expenses. On the other hand, […]


What to Do if You Can’t Pay Your Business Taxes

As a business owner, having to pay state and federal income taxes annually can pose as threat. If your business isn’t doing so well, and cashflow is down, coming up […]

Getting Approved for a Business Loan During a Recession

Why It’s Harder Getting Approved for a Business Loan During a Recession

Every day I get calls from business owners looking to get a business loan or a business line of credit. Sometimes they move forward with getting it in place with […]