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What can happen when you can't pay your employees

In 3 Payroll Periods Months, How Can You Make Payroll

If you are paying your employees on a biweekly basis and you have 3 payroll periods in a month, it can catch a business owner or nonprofit executive director by surprise. There are some immediate and long term solutions to make sure you can make payroll.

When a Bank Line of Credit is Hard to Get, What Do You Do

Convert More of Your Existing Leads

What is often overlooked is how can a company do more with the existing leads they already have. It starts by understanding every Phase of Your Lead Generation Process.


Bookkeepers Are Often the First to Recommend a Line of Credit to a Business

Article summary: Bookkeepers see a business’s numbers daily, weekly, and monthly so on, the bookkeeper is often the first to recognize that there is going to be a cash flow […]


Where Are There Good Business Loan Solutions

In business, it’s important to focus on solutions, not problems, such as finding good business loan solutions instead of worrying about money. When you do this, your business is that […]


Finance for Dummies, NOT

They say that any dummy with a half decent idea can become a millionaire so why do you feel like you need finance for dummies? Actually, you’re not a dummy […]