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business loan requirements

11 Keys About Business Loan Requirements Lenders Will Look For

Very often building a business is auto-didactic (self-taught). Along those lines of thinking, so is understanding the small business loan requirements of all business financing institutions.  Knowing what they will […]

working capital loan

16 Critical Lessons About a Working Capital Line of Credit

Almost every small business owner wants a working capital line of credit and if you don’t now, you likely will. You haven’t been challenged as a business owner if you […]

Instant business line of credit

Working Capital Demand Loans: Flexibility When You Need It

Between a line of credit and a loan, there exists a particular kind of credit vehicle known as a working capital demand loan. Combining aspects of both credit lines and loans, this method of financing utilizes the strengths of each to deliver a flexible and low-cost way for businesses to fund working capital requirements during temporary periods of low revenue or unexpected shortfalls in their working capital accounts.

Business Credit

Business Credit: The Difference Between Efficiency and Headaches

Business credit can be the difference between a smoothly-run operation and a waking nightmare. Contrary to the naysayers, credit is, in fact, a powerful tool necessary for the proper operations of most small and medium-sized businesses. It allows for the prompt payment of bills and expenses, helps deal with emergent and unexpected situations, and generally makes one’s financial life significantly easier.

What can happen when you can't pay your employees

In 3 Payroll Periods Months, How Can You Make Payroll

If you are paying your employees on a biweekly basis and you have 3 payroll periods in a month, it can catch a business owner or nonprofit executive director by surprise. There are some immediate and long term solutions to make sure you can make payroll.