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The 7-Figure Book Lead Generation Funnel for Your Business. Entrepreneur MBA Podcast 3.25

Summary: In today’s podcast, guest Alinka Rutkowska from Leaders Press speaks with Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions about writing a book and how writing a book can lead to excellent lead generation and strong branding. Alinka calls it The 7-Figure Book Lead Generation Funnel for Your Business.

What is Lead Generation Inc Marketing and How Alinka Got Involved

Lead generation strategy can occur when writing a business book which can also help build your business in a variety of different ways. Writing a book can also help you personally, it doesn’t have to be about your business. It all started for Alinka when she got introduced to a book about lead generation. This book got her excited enough to stop doing something she wasn’t excited about and pursue something that interested her way more.

How Did Leaders Press Come About?

Alinka’s company was born in 2017 in London while she was helping authors with book marketing. She wanted the highest potential book inbound marketing for each author and helped authors get their stories out to the world. So, she chose the entrepreneurshipLead Generation audience and bought the Leaders Press domain online. Since its launch, she has helped more than 500 entrepreneurs get their stories out. They’re the only publishing house that can guarantee the best-selling status and they distribute for one of the largest publishers in the U.S. Her company stands out because of its success, and they are now scaling.

Why Do People Write these Books?

There are two main reasons why people write their books, one reason is to leave a legacy. People want to share their wisdom which isn’t only money motivated, they just want to get their knowledge out there to help other people. Authors with entrepreneur experience want to share their knowledge on the subject to not only help other entrepreneurs be successful but leave their legacy behind as many people as they can.

The second main reason behind the motivation of writing business books is lead generation. Lead generation is building a business and these lead generation books are a great tool in helping that growth in your business. There are many businesses that have grown because their company is set up revolving around those books. This inspires other businesses to do the same thing based on the success rate of another business.

Why Write a Bookhttps://leaderspress.com/why-write-a-book/

The Lead Generation Process and Cost of Writing a Book

The first thing is to determine if the idea is a solid idea to write a book about. The first step is to see if a book like yours is already selling, which is a good thing meaning there is an audience for this particular topic. This means they would want to buy more books on this topic. The second step is for the book to stand out compared to the rest of the books. You need to give them a reason to buy your book instead of other books.

Once there is a foundation of a book idea, the outline is then created. Then the interview process begins shortly after. The interviewer prepares questions for the author to answer, and those answers are transcribed. Based on those transcriptions, the ghostwriter writes the book. There are check-in points from the author to make sure they agree with everything being written. The book is due by a specific date, so it goes through a round of editing, formatting, and the cover gets done. After that distribution is done, and the ghostwriting books are sold to retailers before launch. It is made sure that the books get best-selling status.

The Lead Press packages have a very wide range when it comes to price. For a short lead generation story, the price can start at $5000. The price can go all the way to $100,000 if the author wants to write a big book that is guaranteed for best-selling status and traditional distribution.

An Example of a Lead Generation Book

Her own company’s book which is called Outsource Your Book is the foundation of her company. It fits in because there were other books that were the same topic as hers. Her book stood out because it talked about how to outsource pieces to other people.

Her Lead Generation book led to her company making a legacy piece on DHL’s co-owner because of a link on the book that she put that’ll take you to a calendar. Another business owner’s name appeared on that calendar that led to her company making a legacy piece on his business and how he got to where he was at.

How Does a Book Become a Bestseller?

For being an Amazon bestseller there needs to be a certain number of ongoing sales to get a badge that certifies your book as an Amazon bestseller. That number is about 60 copies in a day or a couple of days. These are the stats required to be an Amazon bestseller. This doesn’t seem a lot when you think about it but when you consider that the average book sells about 200 copies, it is definitely a best-seller in that case.

Even though being an Amazon bestseller is an accomplishment, there are even better accomplishments that are harder to achieve but more impressive. For example, being a USA Today or Wall Street Journal bestseller, you would need to have a significantly higher number of sales which is 7,000 copies sold in a week. This is a completely higher status than the Amazon bestseller. Beyond this, the next step is to have an even larger impact than being a USA Today or Wall Street Journal bestseller by selling even more copies

What’s Next for Lead Process?

In terms of numbers, Alinka’s company has been doubling every year since they were founded. Right now, they are a 7-figure lead generation business and in a couple of years, they will be an 8-figure business. Paperback is still leading in sales rather than ebooks even in today’s technologically advanced world. It is possible that soon ebooks will become more popular because everything is starting to be online. It is also possible that with Lead Process they start doing book clubs with the author rather than using Zoom for communication. The future of the Lead Process is bright nonetheless and the company is heading in the right direction.

About the Guest Alinka Rutkowska from Leaders Press

Alinka Rutkowska is the CEO of Leaders Press, a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling press, where she creates books for entrepreneurs from scratch and launches them into best-sellers with a 100% success rate. She runs a hybrid publishing house with traditional distribution (via Simon & Schuster) through which more than 500 entrepreneurs have been able to share their stories with the world. 91 of Leaders Press authors have become USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling authors.
Alinka has been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and numerous other outlets. 

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